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Wanna Collab?

World Love Clothing Ambassador Program



Welcome to World Love Clothing Ambassador Program!

We can all relate to the warm feelings that come with looking your best. Does your confidence and unique style inspire others to stand out? Do you find yourself blogging, tweeting and posting fun selfies? If this sounds like you, join the summer-obsessed swimwear lovers below.

Program Requirements:

1. Set up an account with worldloveclothing.com (Submit New Account Application Form)

2. Email us at Support@worldloveclothing.com your Social Media Accounts and describe your interest in World Love Clothing Brand, wait for Approval and a Custom Affiliate Discount Code to share!

3. With your Affiliate Discount Code post Sexy, Confident and Fun Swimwear Lifestyle photos promoting World Love Clothing Brand - Hashtags: #worldloveclothing #wlcbabes | Instagram: worldloveclothing

Your posts will be featured on our Wall of Fame on Social Media Platforms and at worldloveclothing.com to represent the Shinning Star you are. Together we will Inspire. Thank you for your interest in becoming apart of World Love Clothing.
Terms and Conditions:

1. As part of WLC Ambassador Program said applicant will continue to promote the World Love Clothing Brand in a positive and professional manner on all Social Media, Websites (YouTube, etc.) and Blog platforms.

2. WLC Ambassador Program will be valid for one year, with opportunity for benefits after a positive impact in part of the applicant.

3. World Love Clothing reserves the right to alter WLC Ambassador Program and or discontinue an Ambassador Account at any time.